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The Indoor Market

Become a Vendor

By becoming a vendor on The Indoor Market, you are able to compliment your current physical selling medium. By acquiring a virtual stall, consumers all over South Africa are able to purchase your products in the comfort of their own home. The Indoor Market administers all sales and deliveries and all you have to do is ensure that you have the products in stock.

  • No contracts, cancel at anytime (Cancelations must be received via email, at least 1 month in advance)


  • R450 Setup Fee (Once-off payment for set up of stall and loading of stock).
  • 5% on total sales generated per month (No sales, no payment required)
  • Maximum number of 30 items can be sold at your online stall.


  1. Complete online acquisition form below
  2. Receive invoice and submit pics and description of all products to be loaded onto your virtual stall
  3. Virtual stall is set up
  4. Invoice for setup fee is submitted to you for immediate payment
  5. Monthly sales are reconciled and an invoice is submitted to you on 25th of every month for payment of 5% commission